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Labor Day Sale: Spend $699 & Save $50 with LD50 | Spend $999 & Save $100 with LD100
Labor Day Sale: Spend $699 & Save $50 with LD50 | Spend $999 & Save $100 with LD100
Natural cotton found in Joybed Mattresses

Nature is Our Supplier


We source American cotton so you can sleep on soft, breathable natural fibers. Cotton is durable, comfortable, and naturally hypoallergenic, which helps keep a cool and clean sleep environment.

Each cover is made with GOTS Certified organic cotton and not blended with man-made materials for your best comfort.

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Our eco-wool from California and Oregon helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Its moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties keep you clean and cool all year round for longer, deeper sleep.

Our supplier ensures the purity of the wool with certifications from OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and Oregon Tilth as well as toxicology testing at UC Davis.

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Plant Fibers

To meet federal fire safety certifications, we've added an all-natural plant fiber layer with flame-resistant properties. This layer is made from potato plants, which are breathable and free of chemicals.

This fluffy plant-based layer is breathable and adds to your overall comfort & safety as you sleep.

No foam allowed

We use natural fiber materials in our beds because natural is better.  Natural materials are more expensive than man-made, and that’s why other companies use man-made plastics, foams and chemicals.  Man-made materials try to mimic natural properties but they are never as good.  So we don’t compromise. Instead, we use quality cotton, wool, plant based fiber layers and natural fabrics which are the most important part of our mattresses.

Quality, natural materials for a luxurious sleep experience

Our materials are from Mother Nature herself. No foam, latex, or chemicals. Handcrafted from the finest cotton, wool, and plant fibers, each natural material ensures you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Joybed LX Mattress Layers Cutaway

See inside the Joybed LX
Feels comfortably firm with light cushioning.

First Layer - Organic Cotton Cover Lightweight Organic Cotton Cover

Hand-quilted GOTS certified cover encapsulates the layers in a lightweight, gentle-to-touch material

Second Layer - Plant Fiber Fire Barrier Plant Fiber Fire Barrier

Breathable, flame-resistant plant fibers add protection without any chemical or synthetic additives

Third Layer - Breathable Cotton Breathable Cotton

Hypoallergenic cotton provides cushioned support, durability, and proper airflow

Fourth Layer - Heat-Wicking Wool Heat-Wicking Wool

Responsibly sourced, anti-microbial eco-wool draws heat away from your body, keeping you cool all year round

Fifth Layer - Individually Wrapped Coils Supportive Pocketed Coils

Individually wrapped coils conform to the curves of your body and provides proper spinal alignment

*Joybed LX Natural Mattress shown here

Choose from 3 all-natural mattresses to find your fit


Joybed LX Firm Mattress
The original natural bed with a comfortably firm feel
From $495


Joybed LXP Plush Mattress
The premium mattress with your choice of firmness
From $990


Joybed LXE Luxury Euro Top Mattress
The ultimate in all-natural comfort with your choice of firmness
From $2490

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American cotton is a primary material in our Joybeds. The mattress cover is made with GOTS certified organic cotton, while the inside uses generous layers of batting. This lightweight, cloud-like fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic, recyclable, and biodegradable. It keeps your sleeping environment refreshing and chemical free.




Ethically sourced California and Oregon wool has an important role in Joybeds, wicking heat and moisture away from your body. It’s a soft and fluffy material that allows your mattress to breathe with you while you sleep. By keeping your bed cool and dry, it’ll provide you with a deeper night’s sleep.
Our wool goes through toxicology testing as UC Davis and has the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 and Oregon Tilth certifications.

Plant Fibers

Plant Fibers


Joybeds are enriched with a layer of breathable plant fiber made from potato plants. Woven into a tight fabric, these materials create a naturally fire-resistant mattress that meets all governmental fire protection standards.

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